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Tips Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Are you inadvertently putting out the “welcome mat” for burglars by making it too easy for them to get inside your home? Especially during the summer months when burglary numbers are higher and many families are away for vacations. Take a few moments to review this checklist to see where you could tighten up your home’s security. By spending a little time and money upfront, you can help protect your family’s safety and prevent property loss.

  • Door Locks are Key

Many would-be burglars won’t hesitate to use the front door, so turn them away with a good door lock and deadbolt. There are different grades and types of locks for different applications, so           check with your local hardware store or locksmith for recommendations.

  • Don’t Forget Windows and Patio Doors

Windows and patio doors are typically some of the easiest entry points into a home. Make sure yours are always shut tight and locked, especially if they can be accessed from the first floor.                 For single- and double-hung windows, check that the sash locks work properly. For sliding windows and patio doors, consider installing security bars.

  • Use Exterior Lighting

It’s hard for burglars to hide under the cover of darkness if they can’t find any, so light up the exterior of your home, especially around points of entry. This can be accomplished through a                 combination of decorative lighting and motion-activated lights.

  • Keep Shrubbery Trimmed

Overgrown landscaping can serve as hiding places for burglars. To foil their plans, make sure you trim your bushes and trees regularly.

  • Add a Home Security System

For additional protection, consider having a home security system installed. SKT offers a variety of systems featuring door/window contacts, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and                   24/7 professional security monitoring by a UL-approved station. Simply having a home security system acts as a burglary deterrent. You’ll also enjoy increased peace of mind knowing that if             someone should try to break in, help would be there fast.

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