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Tips Burglars Can Exploit Social Networking Sites

Users of social networking sites such as Facebook are giving away vital information that could potentially be used by professional burglars to establish a list of targets. This is according to research from UK insurer, Legal and General, which revealed that nearly 40 percent of Facebook users posted details of their vacation plans and by doing so, announced when their homes would be empty.

The research also found that users are putting their security at risk by being willing to be friends with people that they don’t really know. Other trouble spots are the posting of home addresses and photos revealing a home’s contents.

To reduce your odds of becoming a victim, experts suggest the following:

  • Be particularly careful if you’re a new user of Facebook and want to quickly build up your network. Don’t let this goal get in the way of good judgment when it comes to friend requests.
  • When you get a friend request, check to make sure the person is actually a friend of someone you know personally.
  • Think twice about posting dates of your upcoming trips.
  • Consider the contents of photos that you post. Do they show valuables in your home?
  • Be sure to activate the site’s privacy features.

We’re not trying to steal the fun from social networking sites — keep enjoying the positive connections you’re making with old and new friends. Just be careful what information you post and remain mindful of who will see it.         

Another precaution you can take to help guard against burglary is a wireless home security system from SKT. It includes the installation of door/window contacts and motion detectors, as well as 24/7 monitoring and emergency response by local personnel. Simply having it installed in your home acts as a burglary deterrent. You’ll also enjoy increased peace of mind knowing that if someone should try to break in, help would be there fast. For more information, call 888.758.8976.