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Tips Choosing Between a Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop

Tech experts generally agree that a computer should be replaced after three to five years. If a computer purchase is coming up for you, one big question is what form should it take — tablet, laptop, or desktop? To make the best choice, check out each one’s main advantages and think about whether they fit your needs.


  • Simple to use – You navigate through all your content by just tapping, swiping, flicking, and pinching your fingertips.
  • Very portable – Tablets are small, thin, and light, so they easily fit in a backpack or purse.
  • Work best for reading – You may prefer a tablet if you read a lot of e-books, digital magazines, and newspapers.


  • A physical keyboard – Do you write a lot? A laptop’s physical keyboard will allow you to work more quickly and accurately than a tablet’s on-screen keyboard.
  • More screen real estate than tablets – Most laptops are 14 or 15 inches, compared to a 7- to 10-inch tablet. But they’re still small enough to be portable.
  • More storage – Laptops tend to have 10 times the storage capacity of a tablet, and their USB and SD card ports make it easy to get files on and off the computer.


  • Less prone to damage – Since they’re designed for stationary use, desktops won’t be dropped or banged around in a backpack or purse like a laptop or tablet.
  • Largest screens – Desktops can have screens up to 30 inches, making them ideal for watching movies or playing video games. They also work better for multitasking, as you can have multiple windows open at the same time.
  • Great as a family computer – Parents with young kids might consider a desktop in a central location in the home so they can keep an eye on where children go online and with whom they’re communicating.

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