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News Count the Advantages of Cable

We know you have options in TV service these days. So why should you choose SKT Cable TV over a satellite provider? Because SKT Cable TV service offers a long list of advantages that benefit both you and your community:

  1. Local Channels – You get local news, local weather reports, and community programming – including SKT’s Local Channel 2 – without an extra fee.
  2. Programming by Request – SKT Cable TV develops channel lineups based on requests received from customers so you get the programming you really want. We do not carry “filler” channels irrelevant to our viewing area.
  3. No Dish on Your Roof – With SKT Cable TV, there’s no ugly satellite dish on your roof and you don’t have to worry about costly roof damage. Instead, there’s easy, in-home installation and no expensive equipment to buy or repair.
  4. Always-clear Signal – Satellite dishes can lose reception during bad weather. So if you don’t want to climb on your roof to remove snow and ice, relax inside with the always-clear signal of SKT Cable TV.
  5. Emergency Alert System – Our service includes an Emergency Alert System to warn you of impending dangerous weather — a feature not offered by the satellite provider.
  6. Local Customer Service – When you need help or have questions, you can call or stop by our office at 112 S. Lee in Clearwater and get personal attention from people working in your community. You won’t have to waste time being placed on hold after calling an 800 number.
  7. Support of Local Economy – When you choose SKT Cable TV, you’re supporting the local provider and keeping your money right here at home. We are also a local employer and contribute to many local community organizations and events.
  8. Money-saving Bundles – You’ll enjoy competitively-priced packages with SKT Cable TV. Plus, you can save even more by bundling your TV with phone and high-dspeed Internet services. You also gain the convenience of receiving just one bill from one company.

For more details or to sign up for SKT Digital Cable, call 620.584.2255 or toll-free at 888.758.89076.

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