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News SKT’s MyHome — The Perfect Gift That Keeps On Giving …

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? A gift that you can add on to? A gift that keeps on giving and giving? Stop by the SKT Solution Center and check out SKT’s My Home!

Home automation is a hot topic — and not just among the technologically savvy crowd, but also among increasing numbers of mainstream homeowners. SKT’s MyHome is an excellent choice because there is no term commitment, the equipment is yours, and you may choose easy self-installation, or an SKT professional installer can handle it for you. Pictured above are Diana and Kathy, SKT Solution Specialists, with the MyHome display. They are always happy to show you the options — including the beautiful, clear, crisp, real-time videos and photos provided by the indoor/outdoor cameras!

SKT offers two basic packages – the Control Package and the Watch Package. The control package includes the Hub, a Mini Door/Window Contact, a Light Module, and a Thermostat. The Watch Package includes the Hub, a Mini Door/Window Contact, and an Indoor/Outdoor Camera. SKT’s MyHome is totally customizable to meet your needs, so that you can add more cameras, or motion detectors, lamp modules, light switches with dimmers, appliance modules, carbon monoxide detectors, water sensors, garage door sensors, deadbolt and lever door locks, etc.

With SKT MyHome, the possibilities are virtually endless. Imagine never having to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat or being able to make sure your pets are being taken care of while you’re away. Check in on the kids while you’re at work with integrated streaming video, or take a picture of when your door opens to know who is coming in. Get real-time notifications of what’s happening in your home through this simple and intelligent set-up and enjoy home automation – and peace of mind too!

SKT’s MyHome — the perfect gift that keeps on giving!