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Tips How to Block Bothersome Calls

MEALTIME. NAPTIME. ANYTIME. Are you getting the same annoying calls from the same numbers? Did you know that you can easily block these calls? With SKT’s landline telephone services, one of the features is CALL SCREENING. Our households use it with great success.
After receiving an annoying call, you may prevent that person from calling you in the future. Call Screening’s voice instructions will explain how to add the number of the last caller to your list (even if you do not know the party’s telephone number).
So, here’s how to begin utilizing this great feature:
Press *60
Listen to the voice instructions which will guide you through the steps.
Press If You Want To
0 Access main instruction menu
1 Review the numbers on your list
3 Turn Call Screening on/off
# Add a number to your list
* Delete a number from your list
08 Delete all numbers in the list

If a number that is on your Call Screening list is also put on any of your other lists (for example, Priority Ringing or Call Forwarding), Call Screening will override the other services for that telephone number.
And finally, we will be happy to help or answer any questions you may have on Call Screening – simply call SKT Customer Care at 888.758.8976. In addition, this information is available in the front of your SKT Telephone Directory, along with all the great features of SKT Telephone services.