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Contests … And We Have Our Winner!

Thank you to all 48 wonderful, valued SKT Customers who commented on THE SKT BLOG. We so appreciate your participation, nice comments, and encouragement! It is a distinct pleasure to serve our friends and neighbors in this great corner of Kansas.

Yes, we are a high-tech company, but some things just need to be done the old-fashioned way:  This morning, after making sure we had gathered all the names, we re-typed them nicely, carefully cut them apart, folded them in half, and placed them in a big jar that we use for momentous occasions such as this. Then we started looking for a Customer Care Representative who wasn’t on the phone with a customer … and they were all busy! But, we saw that Customer Service Specialist, Jacob Hamilton, was free for a moment. We asked if he would help us out. He reached right into the jar, whirled the folded papers around a bit, and it was Vickie Berntsen‘s name he came up with! Congratulations, Vickie! We hope you will enjoy your new Panasonic Cordless Telephone Set with Bluetooth and Four Handsets from SKT.

It was a fun contest! Watch for more!