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News Mainline Interduct and Cable Placement is 90% Complete

The Clearwater SKT FTTP project is moving right along! The required mainline interduct and cable placement is 90 percent complete. There are only about 150 drops left to be buried to customers’ premises. The splicing between the two is 40 percent complete, but will be moving even more quickly once all the mainline tie-ins are finished.

Installations of the FTTP equipment at homes and businesses are also progressing very well! Just over 200 SKT customers are already enjoying their new FTTP connections, with the Park Glen area completely cut over, except for one or two homes. Installations are currently being completed south of Ross, between S. Gorin and S. 4th Streets. When this is accomplished,  installations will begin south of Ross and west of S. Gorin. Once those connections are finished, we will move to the neighborhoods north of Ross.