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Contests Celebrating National Pizza Month … Three Customers Win a Pizza Night From SKT!

In response to our TV Trends with SKT Pizza Night Contest, we had 26 customers email us their favorite pizza topping, which entered their name into the contest. On Wednesday, we drew three lucky winners. They are Arlene Otto of Burden, and Brenda Smith and Jevlyn Stockhaus, both of the Clearwater area. Each will receive a gift card for $30 from SKT to their favorite pizza place.

It was fun to see all the responses. Pepperoni was the most popular topping, with supreme pizza a favorite, as well. Extra cheese is always good, but some don’t want any hot peppers!! Meatlover’s is popular and taco pizza too! Some like Canadian bacon; others sausage. Black olives, mushrooms, and even pineapple are favorite toppings. One of the most specific favorites was a hamburger, green onion, and mushroom-topped pizza. Sounds great!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pizza Night contest. Whether you make it at home, have it delivered, or enjoy it at a local pizzeria, enjoy the rest of this National Pizza Month — and remember what goes really well with pizza — watching a movie with the family! Check out the premium movie channels we offer under the Cable TV tab.