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Tips City Of Clearwater FTTP Question: How Do I Know When My Fiber Connection is Completed?


ANSWER:  Even though your fiber drop has been buried in your backyard and you have a new box (Optical Network Terminal/ONT) on your home or business, the final step to completing your fiber connection does not happen until we actually come to work both outside AND INSIDE your home or business. That final step requires the scheduling of an appointment (during which time an adult must be present during the process) and which can take anywhere from one to three hours. At this appointment, the t3 technician will consult with you about your router and phone jack locations as needed, and install a power cube inside. After installing a power supply box (with battery back-up) outside, and connecting all the outside and inside junction boxes, he will then make sure all of your communication devices (phones, computers, laptops, cell phones, etc.) are connected to the new fiber and working to your satisfaction.

If you haven’t been contacted to schedule your installation, please feel free to call SKT at 584.2255 to get on the schedule. We are happy to be able to offer weekend and evening appointments for your convenience.

And remember, in addition to a robust fiber connection and plenty of speed, a quality home Wi-Fi network is of the utmost importance in providing the best Internet experience possible.

Simplify your life with SKT’s managed Wi-Fi — no hassles of equipment upgrades or troubleshooting — we’ll handle it all for you, so you can simply enjoy strong signals and fast Internet throughout your home or business.

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