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News Fiber Project Focus is Now on Home Installations

All construction (burying of the mainline fiber, the drops, and the splicing) on the SKT City of Clearwater FTTP project is complete.  The focus now is on fiber installations at homes and businesses.  As of this date, over 530 installations have been completed, with t3 planning to do approximately 40 installations per week through the end of the project, which will be late February or early March.

If you haven’t been contacted to schedule your installation, please call SKT at 584.2255.  Weekend and evening appointments are available for your convenience.

And remember, in addition to a robust fiber connection and plenty of speed, a quality home Wi-Fi network is of the utmost importance in providing the best Internet experience possible.

Simplify your life with SKT’s managed Wi-Fi — no hassles of equipment upgrades or troubleshooting — we’ll handle it all for you, so you can simply enjoy strong signals and fast Internet throughout your home or business.

Call today to sign up. It’s just $9.99 per month.