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News Fire Hose vs. Drinking Straw!

SKT is excited about the robust Internet connection that fiber will provide to our customers. When we install the fiber to your home or business, there are a couple of things that customers must understand to ensure that they have the best possible Internet experience:

  1. SKT will make a speed recommendation when we schedule your fiber installation. This recommendation is based upon your current speed, usage by your household or business, types of devices you have connected, and how many devices you have (smart TVs, gaming systems, PC, tablets, smart phones). It is important to increase your bandwidth to this level to ensure you have adequate speed for all your devices.
  2. Your wireless router is the second part of the equation when it comes to having a reliable wireless network. Technology has changed rapidly over the past couple of years and it is imperative that your wireless router is new enough to support that technology. SKT has two wireless router options available for purchase or for lease – or you may choose to purchase a router on your own.

We are finding that most Internet issues reported to us after fiber has been installed are due to the use of older-model routers, which are not capable of handling multiple devices and streaming connections. These troubles have been easily resolved, once a router that meets the requirements of the network is installed. The analogy we like to use is this:  The fiber connection to your home is like a fire hose. It provides a strong, steady Internet stream to your home, but if you choose to keep an old router, then you are forcing that stream through a drinking straw, which doesn’t allow an adequate signal to get to all the devices in your home. Please contact us.