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Tips SKT Fiber Customers — Helpful Hints

Your SKT fiber connection is very reliable and is seldom the cause of any Internet trouble. If you are experiencing an issue with your Internet or phone, we are here and always glad to help — just give us a call. If it’s a weekend or holiday, or if you want to do some troubleshooting yourself, HERE IS THE FIRST THING TO CHECK: 

1)  Fiber Power Adapter – It is very important to know where it is and to keep it plugged in AT ALL TIMES. The fiber power adapter is where the power supply for your fiber is plugged into the electricity inside your home. It is a large, black cube that should be plugged directly into an outlet (may be screwed in). When it is functioning properly, it will have a green light on it. If you are unsure where your fiber power adapter is located, please go from room to room and look at all your electrical outlets. Once you find it, make note of its location and make sure all family members (including children) know it is important to never unplug it.  If your Internet and/or phone is out, first check to make sure this fiber power adapter is plugged in. If not, plug it in and wait about 2 minutes and try your devices again. Your fiber will work for 12-24 hours after the fiber power adapter is unplugged, so you might not realize right away what has happened.