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Tips How To Stream SKT TV On Your Favorite Devices

How To Stream SKT TV On Your Favorite Devices

As we have traveled across our service area in south central and southeast Kansas in January and February to demonstrate the new SKT TV streaming service, we have had a lot of great questions about how streaming works and what are the best devices. Allow us to break it down for you.

Smart TVs and TVs with an HDMI Port

If you have a TV with an HDMI Port, you can plug in a streaming device and start watching SKT TV. We recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick (best low-cost, user-friendly option), Apple TV, or Android TV. Roku products will work, but we have found that they don’t give you the best experience. The Roku device takes longer to load programming than others and the guide isn’t as user-friendly.

Most smart TVs come with apps pre-loaded, but they don’t allow you to add new apps, like SKT TV. Look for an app store or channel store on your TV to see if it has the ability to add apps. If not, you’ll need to get a streaming device or use the TV’s Internet browser and go to skttv.net. For the best experience, we recommend downloading the app on your TV versus using an Internet browser.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, we recommend looking for a FireTV Edition. These TVs essentially have an Amazon Fire TV Stick built in. That eliminates the need for an external device and allows you to add additional apps on the TV.

Older TVs without an HDMI Port

If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port but it has RCA ports (red/white/yellow), then you can get a Composite Adapter. You won’t get the benefits of the included high-definition viewing, but you can put off purchasing a new TV with this adapter. SKT has them in stock and ready to ship.

Mobile Devices

You can download the SKT TV app on most Android and Apple cell phones and tablets. Check out the supported devices here.

Computers and Laptops

SKT TV is also available using your Internet browser. Visit skttv.net and sign in to start watching.