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Tips Keeping Children Safe Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Keeping Children Safe Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The internet can be wonderful for kids. In fact, it’s been an indispensable tool during the COVID-19 pandemic, with children and young people spending even more time online – using connected devices for education, socializing, and entertainment while confined at homeKeeping children safe online has always been a prioritybut never has it been more relevant than today. 

Since we’re dealing with a global pandemic, our research has taken us globally – from Africa to Australia to find solid solutions to our common concern:  Keeping Children Safe Online. For guidance and in-depth solutions, please utilize the three great resources in the links following these 10 tips to help parents and guardians navigate online dangers:

  1. Build an open, trusting relationship around technology.
  2. Co-view and co-play with your child online.
  3. Build good habits and help your child to develop digital intelligence and social and emotional skills
  4. Empower your child to make wise online decisions.
  5. Use devices in open areas of the home.
  6. Set time limits that balance time spent in front of screens with offline activities.
  7. Know the apps, games, and social media sites your kids are using.
  8. Check the privacy settings.
  9. Use available technologies to set up parental controls on devices.
  10. Be alert to signs of distress.

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