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Tips Binge-Worthy Shows to Add to Your List: Part 2

Binge-Worthy Shows to Add to Your List: Part 2

Have you been binge-watching? SKT employees have been too! We asked them to share some of their favorite shows – especially if they might be binge-worthy. We’ve already listed the guys’ answers, so let’s give the remote to the gals.

No matter what app you are downloading or great show you are currently binge-watching, you can be sure that SKT Internet will bring it on. Enjoy! 

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Binge-Worthy Shows Elaine Webb, Vice President

Elaine likes to watch the restoration of old and historic homes on HGTV’s Home Town, and she exclaims, “Any movie on any Hallmark channel at any time!” And lastly, she adds, “Friends reruns are always good to cheer you up!” 
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Binge-Worthy Shows Heather Welk, Payroll Clerk

Heather listed cultural phenomenon Tiger King first, qualifying her response with, “Really, no explanation is needed for this gem, LOL.” Her second recommendation is a British mystery thriller series, The Stranger, which she streams on Netflix. Heather says, “I found it fun to read the book first, then watch the mini-series.” She rounds it out with McMillion$, a documentary miniseries about the McDonald’s Monopoly game scam that occurred between 1989 and 2001. She gets it free on HBO, and Heather adds, “… very interesting how all this went down behind all our backs …”    
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Binge-Worthy Shows Donna Van Allen, Director of Operations

While she prefaces her picks with the fact that she doesn’t watch a lot of TV other than the news, Donna shared the three she does watch on occasion. They are Investigation Discovery because “I love a good ‘who done it’ show,” Nat Geo’s Monkey Kingdom, which is her young granddaughter’s favorite – plus, it’s “really interesting,” and finally, Below Deck. Donna explains, “This show is about mega-yacht crews taking care of their guests, which gets pretty crazy – and shows some beautiful locations.” 
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Binge-Worthy Shows Connie Fleming, Billing Analyst

Connie likes all things British! Her first recommendation is Call the Midwife, about which Connie exclaims, “Love, love, love this show! A beautiful celebration of life in really hard times.” Second on her list is Father Brown, a fun murder mystery show, similar to Agatha Christy, and last, but certainly not least, Doc Martin. Connie says, “Doc Martin is a very socially awkward doctor in the small British village of Portwenn. Lots of laughs!” 
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Binge-Worthy Shows Kathy Lowery, Customer Service Representative

Like Elaine, Kathy’s favorite thing to watch is HGTV’s Home Town, which she streams on YouTube TV. She likes the fact that she “can go back and get all episodes.” Next, Kathy lists KPTS’ America’s Test Kitchen, adding, “Great ideas for cooking in the kitchen. Believe it or not, my husband likes this show and likes to cook!”
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Binge-Worthy Shows Christy Heinen, Service Technician

The top three binge-worthy shows for Christy are political drama Designated Survivor (“riveting and a little relevant to current times not with the virus”), Netflix thriller Messiah (“a little on the violent side, but very, very good”), and Grace and Frankie (“just a feel-good, funny show for entertainment”). 
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Binge-Worthy Shows Jackie Frischenmeyer, Customer Service Representative

Jackie Frischenmeyer, Customer Service Representative, recommends All American (based on the true story of former NFL player Spencer Paysinger), Heartland (a family drama series about a horse ranch set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies), and Reign (a historical drama series on Mary, Queen of Scots).     
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Binge-Worthy Shows Michelle Snell, Customer Service Business Representative

One of Michelle's recommendations is When Calls the Heart. “There are new seasons out that I have been watching, but if you haven’t watched this and enjoy a wholesome, feel-good, family drama, then you will love this one!”, she says. Like Jackie, she also thinks Heartland is a great series, perfect for the whole family. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an older series that Michelle has had the time to watch recently. 
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Binge-Worthy Shows Linda Rausch, SKT Customer Service Representative

Linda Rausch’s favorites are The Office, which she says is a family favorite, Parks and Recreation, her “’go-to’ when I need something lighthearted with no thinking required! LOL,” and for “totally guilty pleasure,” she likes to watch Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 
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Binge-Worthy Shows Megan Harper, Marketing Manager

"I just got caught up on Jack Ryan, which is based on the character created by Tom Clancy. It's a super intense political action thriller, and I'm always having to pause it because I can't take it! I've also been watching all the Marvel movies by release date. I've watched 11 of 23. So far, my favorites are the original Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy."