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Tips Featured App: Seek

Featured App: Seek

This month, we are excited to feature an app that has been recommended by a customer who is not only a father, but also a teacher! The app is called “Seek.”  

By iNaturalist, this app encourages us to get outside, explore, and learn about the nature that is all around. As our marketing manager shares, this app might be helpful inside, as well – especially on the day she discovered a centipede in her bathroom! She may have handled it better … 

In any case, this fun app uses the power of image recognition technology to identify plants and animals. When you open the Seek camera and point it at a living thing, the app immediately tells you what you’re looking at, even before you take a picture. Users can earn badges for seeing different types of birds, amphibians, plants, and fungi and participate in monthly observation challenges if they wish to.  

It’s kid-safe and fun for families. No registration is involved, and no user data is collected. And although Seek will ask permission to turn on location services, your location is obscured to respect your privacy while still allowing species suggestions from your general area. Your precise location is never stored in the app or sent to iNaturalist. 

So, with another month before school starts, this could be a really great app for families who want to spend more time exploring nature together. Seek is free for Apple and Android devices. 

Seek by iNaturalist