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Tips Gardening App Simplifies Growing Fresh Food in Your Backyard

Gardening App Simplifies Growing Fresh Food in Your Backyard

Perhaps, you’ve been told “there’s nothing better than fresh, homegrown food” or something similar. Have you been on the fence about growing a garden? From Seed to Spoon, a gardening app that “makes growing simple,” might be the answer you’ve been looking for to get started.

App Features
From Seed to Spoon is loaded with lots of useful tools such as finding personalized planting dates for 100+ foods. Using your GPS location, the app calculates the best planting dates for each plant type, water and sun requirements, planting depth, how much time before it’s ready to harvest, and much more.

Is someone in your home diabetic? Maybe, you’re interested in plants that support immune health or help with insomnia? With this app, it’s possible to filter plants by health benefit – anemia, heart health, or even weight loss. Then, read more about plants you can grow that can help support those health concerns.

screen capture from seed to spoon app

Interested in companion planting? Select a fruit or vegetable you plan to grow then see a list of what companion plants are most compatible with that fruit or vegetable. In other words, how one plant assists in the growth of another plant by “attracting beneficial insects, repelling pests, or providing nutrients, shade, or support,” as explained on the app.

From Seed to Spoon even makes it possible to identify what insects are good for the garden, and which insects cause problems. In addition, it also offers recommendations for getting rid of bad insects without using toxic chemicals such as pesticides.

Log what you planted from one year to the next and find out the best harvest times. Then, next year log back in to see what you planted the year before.

From garden to the kitchen, get cooking with recipes and videos using all those fresh fruits and veggies.

Additional Perks
Park Seed recently acquired From Seed to Spoon and supports homesteaders, subsistence farmers, and home gardeners. The app taps a new well of digital services and creates turnkey access to products for existing app users.

Perhaps the best perk of all for this five-star app, it’s FREE and is available on Android and Apple devices. Find out more on their website which we’ve included a link to below.