Fiber repairs were completed around 6p Wednesday. Click for details.

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News Rosalia Customer Installations Anticipated to Begin as Early as September

Good news! Crews have finished burying the mainline fiber and service lines to existing customers in Rosalia. Technicians are actively working on splicing the new fiber optic network. When splicing is complete and equipment has been installed, we will begin installations. We anticipate installations to begin in September or October. That means new symmetrical internet speeds – equal download and upload speeds – up to 2 Gbps or 2,000 Mbps will be available this fall.

That’s up to 26 times faster download and up to 200 times faster upload speed compared to what’s offered with the existing copper infrastructure. Faster download creates a better experience for all your online activities, including streaming TV, gaming, working from home, taking online classes, and more. Activities such as gaming, working from home, and uploading large files require faster upload speeds.

This project reflects our commitment to improving connectivity to rural Kansans, providing the most reliable network with internet options at the best value. Updates will be provided online at

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This project fulfills our pledge to offer the most reliable broadband network with internet options at the best value.
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