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With 80 years of service to rural Kansas communities, SKT is a small, locally-owned business based in Clearwater, Kan. Together with Twin Valley, we are the largest family-owned broadband and communications company in Kansas. Our strong family and hometown values are at the core of our culture. Every member of our team takes pride in providing the best customer service and the latest technology to rural Kansas families and businesses. If you are interested in joining the SKT and Twin Valley family as an employee, we encourage you to check our career opportunities at the link below. SKT is an equal opportunity employer.

Core Values

Humor & Fun
We enjoy spending time with each other, collaborating and sharing what makes us unique.

Lead by Example
Always taking initiative, acting responsibly and demanding excellence from ourselves.

Change is inevitable. We embrace it. And we use it to drive creativity and innovation.

“Team First” Initiative
Proactively helping one another, taking individual accountability for the success of the whole team.

Continuous Improvement
Every day we get a little bit better, never settling for the status quo.

Careers at SKT Employee Testimonials

“As a lifelong ‘City Guy’ with small town values, I have found SKT to be a remarkably satisfying environment to be employed in…After many years working at a large phone company, I am qualified to compare these experiences between big city and small town companies…My findings: SKT has proven to be innovative, progressive, and caring, among many other qualities and certainly garners my “VOTE” over its larger competitors. Additionally, working as a team with many personable and conscientious employees is an invaluable bonus!”

Mark Nale — Construction Specialist

I enjoy working with the entire family of SKT employees and our owners. I also enjoy being able to work with the community leaders and volunteers in the various communities we serve. This work often extends into working with various regional and state partners.

Lonnie Stieben – Economic & Community Development Manager

“I love my job at SKT! I will celebrate my 23rd year here in September. It has been a joy to experience advancing technologies, but the best part of working at SKT is the sense of family! The people I work with are truly the best!”

Connie Fleming — Billing Analyst

The favorite part of my job is figuring out how new electronics work and implementing them into SKT’s network. I have had countless fun experiences while working at SKT, but most of those experiences revolve around project work. At times, some of the projects can be stressful, but it is really great to see all departments come together to achieve a common goal. The people at SKT are a pleasure to work with.

Jason Gibbs – Network Operations Manager

Because we’re local, we’re invested — both as a company and as individuals — in providing friendly, hometown customer service to connect rural Kansans to the world.

Megan Harper – Marketing Coordinator

I love serving other rural Kansans. I truly understand how important it is to have technology available in rural areas, and I am very proud to work for a company that is dedicated to bringing services to rural families.

Donna Van Allen – Director of Operations

I like working in an ever-changing industry with continuous technology changes and innovations. It is rewarding working for a small company with dedicated employees who care about the customers we serve. You never know what you might work on each day as new challenges pop up! The family owners care deeply about both our customers and employees.

Bill McVey – Chief Financial Officer

The people are what I like most about working at SKT. When our employees aren’t busy serving the needs of our customers, they are selflessly committed to volunteering in their communities. Many of them serve on school boards, city councils, site councils, booster clubs, EMS/fire departments, or coach youth sports. I like that SKT is a local provider whose employees are dedicated to their communities.

Todd Dannenberg – Service & Plant Manager

“I love working at SKT because it’s headquartered in my friendly hometown of Clearwater, and we get to serve so many wonderful people who live and work in ‘rural Kansas.’ But don’t let that fool you – we have the best of both worlds!  I especially enjoy helping to get the word out about the great things happening in our communities.”

Cathleen Smothers — Marketing Assistant