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Billing What features are included in online billing?

Service Summary: Shows the summary page for the current billing month for your main line. Sub-menus allow you to choose the page number that you want to view, choose the billing month you would like to view, and switch between numbers if you have more than one number billed together.

Service Detail: Allows you to view service charges in detail, including fees, and taxes. Usage Overview – overview gives a detailed list of all toll calls billed on the current month’s bill and downloads a detailed list of toll calls not yet billed (these calls are updated weekly)

Invoice Image: Lets you view your current and previous bills by scrolling through multiple pages.

Pay Bill: Allows you to make a one-time payment on your account using a credit or debit card. You may also establish an automatic monthly payment.

Manage Account: Allows you to change your display name, update email addresses, change login password, change login hint question and answers, change invoice delivery preference, and add accounts to view online.

Log Off: Logs you out of the eBill website and allows you to return to