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Internet What is a virus scanner and why do I need one?

A  virus can come in attached to an e-mail, on a CD, and also via an infected website. Once on your computer, viruses can be responsible for a variety of things, from changing your wallpaper (irritating but not dangerous) to deleting files at random on your machine and replacing them with infected copies that have the potential of affecting your computer’s performance.

Anti-virus software packages operate in many different ways, depending on how the vendor chooses to implement their software. What they all have in common, however, is the ability to look for patterns in files (or in the memory) to indicate the possible presence of a known virus.   New viruses are discovered daily. The effectiveness of anti-virus software is dependent on having the latest virus profiles installed on your computer.

SKT’s Internet Security Suite includes a built-in, anti-spyware utility. Click here for pricing and more information about the SKT Internet Security Suite.

The following are some websites to download free virus removal software. SKT DOES NOT ENDORSE OR SUPPORT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS. We are simply providing information about options for removing and controlling viruses. – (free version available)