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Phone What should I do if I don’t have dial tone on any of my telephones?

For SKT Telephone Customers in the Atlanta, Beaumont, Burden, Cambridge, Clearwater, Dexter, Elk Falls, Grenola, Latham, Longton, Piedmont, Reece, Rosalia & Viola areas:

Determine whether the problem is inside your home or in the wiring outside by unplugging each phone and related equipment (answering machine, modem, FAX machines, satellite TV set-top box, cordless phones, and security systems) one at a time from the telephone jack.

Start the process of elimination with equipment that is also plugged into an electrical outlet. Since there is a greater probability of problems associated with equipment that is also plugged into an electrical outlet, leave this device unplugged from the telephone jack.

Check for dial tone on another set that is still plugged in. If possible, use a telephone that is not cordless or does not require connection to an electrical outlet.

If you hear dial tone, your service is restored. The last set you unplugged is most likely the source of the problem and should be disconnected from the line until it is repaired or replaced.

If you do not hear dial tone, there’s a good possibility the service problem is associated with SKT outside wiring or equipment. Please call SKT Customer Care at 888.758.8976, or after SKT business hours, please call 800.968.1855.

For SKT Telephone Customers in the Belle Plaine, Cedar Vale, Howard, Leon, Moline & Severy areas:

Chances are the service outage you’re experiencing is due to telephone-related equipment failure in your home.

Disconnect the non-working phone and relocate it to a wall jack that has a working phone connected.

If you hear a dial tone now that you have moved the phone, your phone is not the problem. Most likely it is in your wiring or jack. If you’ve elected the Inside Wire Maintenance service, SKT will repair your inside wiring and jacks at no additional charge. If you do not currently subscribe to this plan, you may incur a service charge for repairs performed by a technician.

If you still do not hear a dial tone after moving the phone, the problem is most likely in the telephone device you unplugged. It will need to be repaired or replaced.