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SKT TV Why did you discontinue SKT TV? 

Here is a timeline to help you understand the change with SKT’s TV services.

Cable TV Declines

As the last decade came to a close, our cable TV system’s equipment became obsolete and was no longer manufactured. At the same time, local and national trends showed a sharp decrease in cable TV subscribers, with the percentage of households subscribing to streaming services surpassing cable in 2018.

With no other choice, we discontinued traditional cable TV service in March 2019, but we also had an opportunity to provide an alternative — a full-featured streaming TV app.

SKT Launches Live TV Streaming App

Along with many telecommunications providers across Kansas and the country, we contracted with a vendor to become early adopters of a TV streaming platform. In the months leading up to the launch of SKT TV, we did extensive testing. With our channel packages and a set of upgraded features, we were confident in this new TV service. Unfortunately, shortly after we launched, we began experiencing a series of issues with the platform believed to primarily be related to an overload on the system.

App Falls Short

As with any new technology, you can expect it to have a glitch here and there, but this ongoing level of instability in the platform has caused the service to fall below our standards. Alongside other telecommunications providers across the country, we have pushed for a more reliable platform. But the issues continue, causing frustration and confusion; even leading some to believe that the issue lies with SKT’s Internet service, which is simply not the case.

Programming Fees Increase

Programming fees that allow us to provide the channels in our TV packages continue to increase. In fact, one popular network has hiked fees more than 800 percent over the last 15 years. These rate increases make it impossible to provide affordable TV service. This year alone, programming fees increased by $9 per subscriber. We couldn’t absorb the increase or, in good conscience, pass it on to our subscribers.

Ending the Service

With all this in mind, we made the difficult decision to discontinue the streaming TV platform, SKT TV, effective March 31, 2020, and assist our valued customers in choosing another provider.