SKT High-Speed Internet Service Area Color Key:

  • Up to 20 Mbps • DSL
  • Up to 75 Mbps • DSL
  • Up to 100 Mbps • DSL & Fixed Wireless*
  • Up to 1 Gbps • Cable Modem**
  • Up to 1 Gbps • Fiber
  • Contact Us For Options
*DSL available up to 20 Mbps. Some customers may be eligible for Wireless up to 100 Mbps.
**Up to 1 Gbps coming soon for Burden, Cedar Vale, Howard, Leon, and Moline. Currently up to 100 Mbps available.
Contact us for details.
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SKT Request A Callback Cta

To get started, call 888.758.8976 or fill out a form to request a callback.