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Community Events Susan Werner at the Bartlett Arboretum

Skt Events November 2022 Belle Plaine Susan Werner Concert
  • Date: November 6, 2022
  • Time: 4 p.m.
  • Location: 301 N. Line St., Belle Plaine, Kansas
  • Details:

    Over the course of her twenty five year touring career, Susan Werner began making a name for herself in the folk scene of the early 1990s. Her shows are described as a one-woman master class in musicianship. Her songs are noted for their poetry and sharp wit, and also for their astonishing stylistic range.

She’s written songs in the style of Gershwin and Cole Porter (I Can’t Be New, 2004), gospel music (The Gospel Truth, 2007), traditional Cuban “son” (An American In Havana, 2016), and New Orleans junk piano (NOLA, 2019). In 2014 she composed the music and lyrics to the musical theater score Bull Durham, The Musical (MGM). Her latest recording of original songs, The Birds of Florida, is available now.

Reserve the date and bring a friend! Tickets available at the gate which opens at 3 p.m. Remember your blankets and a lawn chair! Watch the Bartlett Arboretum website for more info.

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